We, at Quadrobay, enable digital transformation at the enterprise level to take your productivity a notch higher and provide you with a competitive edge. We help in providing consulting, strategy on industry 4.0 and deliver solutions to help the organisation leap!

Robotic Process

RPA enables the organisation to reduce costs, all thanks to zero errors. This makes the processes agile and remarkably productive and showcases a faster return on investment.

Case studies



Thanks, Sahal for your leadership and everyone else associated with Confluent as they are a key customer for us.
Tony and Jerry trusted us after our work with them at Box.
Glad that we were able to demonstrate success again with them.
Appreciate it!

Protik Mukhopadhyay
President | Standav


Great work, team! Appreciate all your hard work in making Peregrine a success.

Hormese Ambookken
Practice Director | Standav


It was a challenging experience, especially over the final sprint where the team had to put extra effort and care when even a slight error would cause immense issues. I want to thank the team for rising up to the occasion and ensuring everything is delivered properly and on time.

Sahal Mohamed
Associate Architect | Standav


Thank you for keeping up the great work, continuous dedication and hard work you put into it. You guys are awesome!

Project Manager | Standav


Awesome job team! Great delivery and love seeing the success of this cross-functional effort.

Tony Triesen - Senior Director of
Business Systems | Confluent


Team, I wanted to echo a big thank you to everyone here. It takes a village to effectively run a business of this size and complexity. We're incredibly grateful for your help and collaboration.

VP, Global Services | Confluent