Project Note

  • Industry: Hi-Tech
  • Process Area: Sales & Marketing


  • Implementation, Development & Support of Sales & Marking Cloud Applications for their US, Europe & China



  • Update Distributor discount rates in open opportunities
  • Oracle to SFDC integration(Item Insert and update)
  • Deep clone opportunity with Quote, Quote Line Item and opportunity products
  • Non-Standard Terms – Additional discounts has provided to users
  • CPQ – Configure the products with price and generate the quote
  • Guided selling – Create a questions to help the sale reps



  • APEX, Visualforce, Triggers, CPQ


Approach to Solution

  • Customized trigger on all open opportunities and update formula fields, workflows
  • Created a SOA composites to achieve
  • Item ( create and update) from oracle to SFDC
  • Customized apex class and visualforce page to achieve cloned copy of opportunity with quote, quote line items and opportunity products
  • Configured the standard setup and customized apex class and visual force page to add the products in NST
  • Configure the products with their features and options
  • Discover the price rule to achieve the discounts
  • Generate the custom quote template with Line item
  • Effectively update interest rates In Opportunity, Quote and Quote line item
  • Eliminate the manual process of create / update item in SFDC
  • Eliminate the manual process to creating a new opportunity with Quote, Quote Line Item and opportunity product
  • Reduce the sales rep work to sell the product