Project Note

  • Industry : Healthcare
  • Process Area : Sales
  • Geo : US


We are abutment the industry to configure, customize, develop and implement their requirements / concerns / projects in Salesforce Sales Cloud & CPQ



  • Invoice Autofill updates
  • Auto-naming of renewal opportunity
  • Email attachments
  • Auto-populate dates in field on opportunity level
  • Payment Request automatically created upon invoice creation
  • Quote updates
  • Data loader



  • APEX, Visualforce, Triggers, CPQ


Approach to Solution

  • Checked with the aut populate/update the subscription in invoice .The field invoice getting populated based on the opportunity in relation with the invoice
  • The process /criteria defined i order to override the existing format in the process builder should be cloned .Then cloned process can be override /required
  • By used the files sharing/library method we created the link to be display the document as attachement
  • By process builder corresponding fields are auto populated,update in its respective fields.when the opportunity is either standard and new subscriber record type
  • By used the process builder we created the payment request as automate when created
  • Bulk update by using the dataloader
  • Update the bulk record in less time consuming
  • Obliterate the manual Invoice updates
  • Eliminate the manual process to auto naming renewal opportunity
  • Effortlessly send the attachments in email
  • Eradicate the manual payment request when the invoice created productively auto-populate the date field on opportunity