Approval process is an automated process and use to approve records and specifies the actions to be taken when a record is approved/rejected/recalled for approval. In Standard Approval Process Functionality, only Admin, Record Owner and Approval Submitter can recall the approval process.

Business Problem

User wants to change the record value or unfortunately user submit the record for approval. For these cases, User cannot recall the process. They need Admin permission to recall the record because recall button is not visible for non-submitter.


The problem can be solved by using Apex class with Email Service Functionality.

1. Create an Apex Class

2. Create an Email Service and call the Apex Class

Apex Class :

The content of Apex Class as follows:

global class my Handler implements Messaging.InboundEmailHandler


global Messaging.InboundEmailResult handleInboundEmail (Messaging.InboundEmail email, Messaging.InboundEnvelope envelope)


//Add your Logic here

return emailresult;



Call the Apex class in the Email Services:

To create email services,

1.GoTo Setup | Develop | Email Services

2.Create a New Email Address and Associate the Email Service with the Apex class which was created.

Reply to Message:

Approval process will send an email alert to the User to Recall the record once the Record is submitted for Approval along with Record information and Service Email Address (Reply To).

User should click reply with Mail Content as Recalled within “<> “ (Angular Bracket) in the Received mail.

Example: <recalled>

Note: Subject is defined in the Apex class.

The Record is Recalled

The Status of the Record is changed from Pending to Recalled. Then the User modify the Record and give Submit for Approval for Further process.



Recall Process is not Standard functionality in salesforce for Non-Submitter. Through Apex class and Email Service feature can easily recall the Approval without logging into salesforce for Non-submitter/approver.