Evaluation & comparison of the discrepancies between the inventory quantities to streamline the production planning process & enhance the supply chain efficiency

Process Overview

  • Batch: Process is performed by the staff in the back end everyday and returns items that have quantity deviations if any
  • Volume: Daily processing and that takes approximately ~120 minutes to resolve depends on data volume
  • Coverage: 100%
  • Sensitivity: Data accuracy
  • Geography: US


RPA Implementation

  • Stage 1: Identifies & extracts the required data by querying from the database
  • Stage 2: Staff receives the on-hand inventory / physical warehouse quantity from the 3rd party via email
  • Stage 3: RPA bot opens both the spreadsheet files and compares the quantities of the sub-inventories
  • Stage 4: RPA bot copies and pastes all the items that have quantity deviations into the different spreadsheet and sends an automatic email


Value based outcome

  • 100% liberation to staff from mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Decreased turn-around in suggesting solution, within ~1 minute as against the prevailing 120 minutes
  • 10% FTE savings
  • Forecast upcoming demands

Benefit to Enterprise

  • Periodical cost reduction efforts to achieve >=50% to customer’s revenue by deploying no additional HC in other projects.d