Automating the business transactions systematically in a summarized form into the journal results in enhanced operational efficiency, fast and cost saving

Process Overview

  • Batch: Process is performed by the staff in the back end everyday and enter the business transactions systematically in a summarised form in the Oracle journal
  • Volume: Daily processing and that takes approximately ~10 minutes to resolve depends on data volume
  • Coverage: 100%
  • Sensitivity: Data accuracy
  • Geography: US


RPA Implementation

  • Stage 1: Identify the Journal entries / data in the Excel sheet from each department via email
  • Stage 2: RPA bot logins the Oracle application system and downloads the appropriate WEBADI template
  • Stage 3: RPA bot opens the WEBADI template and stores it in the local directory
  • Stage 4: RPA bot enters the Journal data from the Excel to WEBADI template and upload the records from WEADI to application. It displays the Oracle Request ID of journal program in a message box


Value based outcome

  • 100% liberation to staff from mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Decreased turn-around in suggesting solution, within 4minutes as against the prevailing 10 minutes
  • 10% FTE savings

Benefit to Enterprise

  • Periodical cost reduction efforts to achieve >=50% to customer’s revenue by deploying no additional HC in other projects.d