Service Request (SR) as a Process: Providing solution on any error, for uninterrupted service while using the application by varied user groups.

Process Overview

  • Batch: Program will run every 30 minutes and returns error if any
  • Volume: ~15 errors in a month that takes ~80 hours to resolve
  • Coverage: 100%
  • Sensitivity: Always P1
  • Geography: US, Europe & APAC


RPA Implementation

  • Stage 1: Identifies & extract the current error file from the Application Server
  • Stage 2: Compares whether the current error already exists in the Master error file
  • Stage 3: If exists, solution is auto-suggested through the Repository
  • Stage 4: Else, notifies the IT support to provide solution manually


Value based outcome

  • 90% of the Service Requests are repetitive
  • Decreased turn-around in suggesting solution, within 4 to 6 minutes as against the current 4 to 6 hours
  • .5 FTE savings every month

Benefit to Enterprise

  • Periodical cost reduction efforts to achieve >=50% to customer’s revenue by deploying no additional HC in other projects