Providing an automated solution for the Back Office (BO) staff, from receiving the onboarding package till booking & disbursing the loan.

Process Overview

  • Batch: Standardized manual process, runs for 45 minutes per loan
  • Volume: ~100 in a month that takes ~75 hours
  • Coverage: 50% as this only part that BO staff does as a matter of routine
  • Sensitivity: Data accuracy
  • Geography: UK


RPA Implementation

  • Stage 1: Bot ensures that the info in loan processing system is accurate & complete in scheduled intervals or on-demand
  • Stage 2: Bot ensures that the applicant is a registered business
  • Stage 3: Bot sends an auto-email to BO for booking & disbursement


Value based outcome

  • 100% elimination to monotonous tasks
  • Decreased turn-around, less than a minute for every loan processing as against the current 45 minutes
  • .5 FTE savings every month

Benefit to Enterprise

  • Periodical cost reduction efforts to achieve >=50% to customer’s revenue by deploying no additional HC in other projects