We are laser focused on solving real world business problems and Technology is our passion and tool in this endeavor. We support our customers with consulting services, automation services, cloud solutions, technology solutions, operational support and turnkey projects.

Established in 2009, headquartered in Chennai, India, we provide solutions for many customers across continents. For about a decade our team builds and implements enterprise solutions for different industry verticals. Our always-on, laser focus on customer success, ever learning drive towards continuous improvement makes us a dependable partner who delivers results.

Why Quadrobay?

Quadrobay making a difference for our Customers, Partners, Employees and the Society. Technology is what we do and overall good is what drives us.

Our Mission

Create wealth, opportunities and goodness to everyone associated with Quadrobay.

Our Vision

Build technologies and solutions that solve problems and make a meaningful contribution to the greater good.

Core Values

Always doing the right thing, respect, integrity and commitment for customer success.

Our Culture

Our teams are built on trust, ownership, respect, competence and collaboration. Our teams take ownership for customer success and take pride in their work. Our culture is focused on customer success, individual growth and common success. Always ready to share success and give a helping hand in times of difficulties. Our teams are ultra competitive when it comes to competitions and ultra collaborative in solving problems.

Our work culture is friendly, caring, demanding and always focused on customer success. Leadership is open and always available to the team. It is a work place where people care about each other and support is readily available. It definitely demands performance and commitment, at the same time it allows one to grow and blossom. Knowledge is respected and opportunities to innovate and experiment are encouraged. It is ok to try something new and fall short. In short we look to create future leaders for the industry and the society.